Frequently asked questions

Education technology (EdTech) is a truly innovative sector. There are few better investment opportunities than one connecting technology and education – two fast-growing and increasingly interconnected business categories both experiencing strong growth.
“…EdTech is also the safest bet for investors. Unlike the ups and downs of the financial markets, EdTech remains constant, sheltered from many of the pressures of the broader geopolitical landscape. It is something of a safe haven for smart money from smart investors… While it might be slightly late to the “digital-first” party, EdTech is poised to be the biggest and possibly most profitable digitized sector yet.” (TechCrunch, 11.08.2016.)
The demand for e-skills is huge and keeps growing in Europe and worldwide. At the same time the number of IT specialists graduating each year lags far behind this number. In a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, it’s crucial that our children who grow up using gadgets become active creators of technology, not just passive users. In the near future, no profession will be untouched by computers. This is why we see coding as a core skill every child must possess. Digital literacy has become a basic talent for the 21st century.
A summary of what we look for in future franchise partners:

- Commitment to the value of digital education
- Willingness to follow a proven systemGood organisation and communication skills
- A focus on customer service
- Solid business sense and experience
Hard working and result-oriented attitude
- IT experience or skills are not required
The process of partner selection usually takes at least one month. Following a successful agreement, you will normally need a further two months to have everything up and running. If all goes well this period can even be shorter.
When calculating a possible timetable you should consider that ideal dates to start Logiscool courses are at the beginning of school terms (September/October or January/February) or in the form of ‘Coding Camps’ during vacations (June/July or December/January).

How does the application process work?

If the above information makes a Logiscool franchise sound interesting, we would like to get to know you. Please check out our Logiscool Franchise Form:

Apply here!

If your initial qualifications seem to fit and we have a territory available, we will contact you to talk about your goals – and to discuss whether a Logiscool franchise is the right opportunity for your business. In a second phase – after signing a confidentiality agreement – we discuss the cashflow projections with you and answer all your remaining questions. When both sides are happy and enthusiastic about working together, we sign a franchise contract and your Logiscool journey begins!