About Logiscool

Logiscool is the world’s first franchise network of dedicated coding schools.

Our mission is to make computer-coding education available for as many school-age children as possible. The first Logiscool opened in early 2014 and currently, our fast-growing franchise network teaches 50,000+ children at 90+ locations in 13 countries!

Logiscool’s coding-education concept includes:

  • Classroom-based after-school courses and summer camps for kids & teens
  • A fun-based methodology and long-term curriculum covering the coolest topics
  • Our own unique education platform with our coding language designed around students’ needs – scalable for all ages

Our passion is to inspire children to develop and create, and not just consume.

Of course not all our students will become programmers, but they will learn algorithmic and logical thinking. These valuable skills will stay with them throughout their lives, whatever their chosen profession will be.